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Atlanta Garage Door is the official provider of branded high quality of garage door opener to the entire Atlanta, GA area for so many years now. Atlanta garage door has expertise in providing garage door openers for residential and commercial properties in the entire metro Atlanta, GA and surrounding area. We supply and install major brands like LiftMaster, Genie, Chamberlain and Craftsman.  Atlanta garage door installs garage door openers with premium technology that ensures security and provides convenience for consumers.  Don’t fret for your keys trying to open your garage door late at night after a long day of work, call Atlanta Garage Doors to install a LiftMaster 8550 with rolling code security and automatic reversing systems in your garage today.  Deter criminals from your property by having the latest garage door opener with the highest security and safety qualities.  If they see you have state of the art technology protecting your garage, vehicle and home they will most certainly look for an easier target and steer away from your property. 

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Which garage door opener is the best one in the market?  All the brand Atlanta Garage Doors works with are equally reliable but if you want to know what’s hot on the market LiftMaster and Genie are popular brands. LiftMaster and Genie provide similar service but LiftMaster is most often used and recommended.  LiftMaster and Genie have enticing qualities such as rolling code security which simply means that every time you press the buttons for the password, they rearrange to prevent theft and robbery attempts.  Both also have automatic light sensors that turn on in use and display time and the current temperature.  Both openers also have automatic safety reversing systems which is vital if you have small children or pets.  These reversing systems will automatically reverse if there is any object in the doorway path of your garage door. They also have automatic stop for safety and ventilation purposes.  They also come with battery backup systems that go up to forty cycles which means that it could still open and close your garage door even in a power outage!  This is good for any kind of emergency and not to mention remarkable.Genie and LiftMaster garage door openers also come with a remote and two keypads and come with the option of chain drives or belt drives.  A chain drive has a chain running along its tracks which makes noise but is often used for commercial garage doors.  They are the cheapest drives for garage door openers on the market.  However, if you have a residential garage door (a garage door attached to your house) then you might want to consider a belt drive.  A belt drive has a belt running smoothly along its tracks causing the opener to run inaudibly and discreetly.  A belt drive is definitely worth the $50 extra if you have a residential garage door.Atlanta Garage Doors installs LiftMaster and Genie garage door openers and provides a keypad and remote controls.  Atlanta Garage Door also repairs and replaces garage door openers. 

Atlanta Garage Doors experts will be the one who will handle your opener installation and provide you tips that will surely give you benefits in maintaining your garage door openers to operate smoothly each and every day. Our garage door experts are highly trained and fully equipped to do the job so you don’t need to worry because we guarantee you professionalism and integrity with our job!

At Atlanta Garage Door, we are looking forward to exceed your expectations by providing you 1st class of garage door services that is perfectly for your needs. We are your next door neighborhood friendly garage door company that you can always rely.

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